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Gabriel's Crew - naked version by Remietc
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Ted's gift: page2-censored by Remietc
Mature content
Ted's gift: page2-censored :iconremietc:Remietc 9 2
Ted's gift: page1-censored by Remietc
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First off, this journal entry is full of adult content, so if you lied about your age, just go away please.

Secondly, this journal entry contains very sensitive subject like non-censensual sex, all kind of kinks and violence, murder, and generally innapropriate themes for church. So if you're unconfortable with those, don't read what's next and go away now.

This is not a joke, please heed my warning.

You have been warned.

I have been reading stories from Venavis, who posts mostly adult oriented material on DA. The author writes small chapters every single day (with occasional exceptions). All his stories contain a form of Master/slave relationship with generally a hot male character being submitted in violent manner AND an actual plot leading somewhere. Since I enjoyed those greatly, I decided to share them and drew some fanarts.
The first one I want to talk about is "Gabriel", an ongoing serie. It's a contemporary story with demons, werewolves, magic and a lot of kinky stuff. The first two chapters are definitly the steamiest so far, so if you can get through them, you are good to read the hole thing. Be warned, these two chapters contain dubious consent and one mention of a child molester priest getting what he deserves:
Gabriel - Part 1    He was still buttoning his shirt when his eyes fell on the file sitting on his kitchen counter.  Plain, manila, and taunting him.  His cell phone sat atop it.  Gabriel walked forward, staring at the thing.  Then he reached for his phone.  It blinked to life before he touched it, open to the map application.  A place several miles out of town. 
    Gabriel took several deep breaths before looking at the name on the file.  “Roske.”  He sighed, then picked up the phone.  He dialed Angela’s number.  “Hey sweetie.  It’s Gabe.  Look I hate to do this, but something just came up with a case.  Can we take a rain check on tonight?  Call me.”  He stabbed the end button.
    The map popped back into view.  He stared at it for several seconds before heading into the livin
Gabriel - Part 2Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ted down a pill.  A small blue one.  He isn’t exactly a spring chicken, pet.  Though he’s doing well enough so far.  How much longer?  Relax and enjoy yourself, pet.  Ted’s taking good care of you.  I hate you.
    He started struggling again when Ted walked back over.  His hands were above his head, secured to the metal framework Ted apparently used to haul his dock in during the winter.  He’d been given his pants back, and followed Ted’s subtle prompt to make an escape.  Ted had caught up with him in the boat house, and brought out the toy gun again before trussing him up.  All escaping had done was make him dirty and sweaty.  Which, judging from the expression on Ted’s face, had been the point.
    The old boat hous

At some point, the story intersect with three other ongoing series, all set in the same world :
Daniel: Chapter 1    Matthias set the wad of newspaper beneath the two logs on the fire, and lit struck a match.  He stayed crouched long enough to be sure the wood was going to light, then rose.  The cabin was secure enough that he hadn’t bothered to relight it earlier.  He’d have to turn on the propane tank and generator in the morning though, if he wanted hot water.  He shrugged, then sat down, letting the gun rest on his knee as he waited for the would-be thief to wake up.
    It didn’t take long.  Maybe a minute.  The kid came awake with a jerk, and immediately began yanking at the handcuffs securing him to the column.  “Knock it off.”
    The guy’s eyes widened when he saw Matthias, and he swallowed.  The expression on the dumbass’s face was almost comical.  “Who the fuck are you?”
  Ash: Chapter 1    Lisa smiled as the man on the tattered mattress moved slightly.  She rose, and walked over to look down at her prize.  He shifted again just a little, and then his eyes flew open and he began thrashing at the restraints.  His hands were cuffed behind his back, and a second pair of cuffs secured his ankles.  The third set had been used to fasten the other two sets together.  “You’re going to hurt yourself it you keep that up.”
    He shifted to glare angrily in her direction.  Whatever he tried to say was muffled by the rag she’d stuffed into his mouth.  She smirked, then removed his ID from her pocket.  “Bernard Rudolf Achterberg.  That’s quite a moniker.”  She ran her thumb over the badge.  “You don’t really look like a Bernie.”  He had a muscular, athletic build from what she co
  Wren: Chapter 1    “You are such a pig.”  Wren shoved Mark away from her and zipped her top back up.  Wearing the thing had clearly been a mistake.  But it had set her back fifty bucks and she wanted to look good for Adam.
    “Your girlfriend’s a prude.”  Mark snickered as he looked over her head at Adam.
    “Stop being such an ass.”  Adam glared at him.  When Mark reached toward Wren again, Adam caught his wrist.  “I said knock it off.”
    “We’re out tonight to have fun.”  Mark rolled his eyes, then sighed and looked up at the driver.  “Why’d you invite the stick in the mud?”
    “He’s my brother, jackass.”  James shrugged.
    “You’re the one who didn’t want to sit in the back.”  Vince laughed.

And now my fanarts of the story Gabriel.
The following four have been deemed "canon" by the author himself. They are supposed to be drawings from one of the main character's sketchbook:
Laura's sketches : logo1 by Remietc Laura's sketches : costume1 by Remietc Laura's sketches : costume2 by Remietc Laura's sketches: Self-portrait by Remietc

Then these are not actually from the story, but inspired by it and made for fun (to be read in order):

Mature Content

Laura's sketches: Gabriel1 by Remietc

Mature Content

Laura's sketches: Gabriel2 by Remietc

Mature Content

Laura's sketches: Gabriel3 by Remietc

Mature Content

Laura's sketches: Gabriel4 by Remietc

Some character design:
Gabriel's Crew - naked version by Remietc

And finally, some comic pages:

Mature Content

Ted's gift: page1-censored by Remietc

Mature Content

Ted's gift: page2-censored by Remietc

Uncensored version here


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